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Multimedia solutions

In order to select a college, the student collects number of college and university brochures that can further complicate the Selection of the institution. The challenge for any college or university is to provide the students with something that stands out; something that can impress; something that can influence their decision – like an Interactive DVD, Online view book, tours & 360 degree campus overviews etc.

  • Innovative multimedia solutions give schools/colleges a novel opportunity to showcase different aspects of their infrastructure, faculty, campus facilities, value adds etc and can be distributed via mail or web or in person.
  • Multimedia solution incurs just a onetime cost i.e., far lower than the traditional ones.
  • Easier Distribution and effective personalization options
  • Custom packaging, local language services, or any other as per the requirement

Given the number of multimedia tools available, it can be hard to decide. Here are some options to consider:

Interactive DVD

  • Can include 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes of video
  • Completely customized to a school's programs and branding
  • In-house teams to provide all-inclusive solution – converting the concept into visuals
  • Viewable on computers, TVs, and portable DVD players—for any and all kinds of audience

Flash-Based 3D Virtual tours/View Books

  • Virtual walk-throughs with a real-time simulated multimedia graphics.
  • Effective voice-overs to demonstrate and describe the features
  • CDs can feature 5–25 screens with text, photos, videos, audio, Web site links, and even PDFs.
  • The view book is hosted on your own Web site—no additional link for students to remember!
  • Easier distribution of view books/virtual tours through web 2.0 techniques

360 degree campus overviews

  • Photos and videos of a school can draw students' attention in a visual way.
  • Portray and project the college facilities & infrastructure in an exciting and engaging manner.

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